Poverty Alleviation an Initiative of Chinese Government in Yichang

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The battle against poverty is one of the "three tough battles" that China must win to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects by 2020. As a part of poverty alleviation, team consisting of 12 members including IEC officials and international students visit a poor village in Yichang on 16thNovember 2018. During their visit, they provide some books and clothes to a poor family.

They also observed different initiative taken by government like fund giving to the poor village people for harvesting, certain amount of money giving to the old village people per month, bank providing loans without interest, biogas plant, house made by government and training center for motivational supports and training to enrich their life style. One of the WTU alumni facilitated and guided the whole visit to the WTU officials and international students team.

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