farewell party for 2018 graduates

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In 22 June, 2018 by the help of International Educational Collage, Student Union organize FAREWELL PARTY for the senior student. That program was started around 4:30PM till 8:00 PM. On that program senior students and junior student as well as some of our senior’s Chinese friends were present. It was one of the biggest program done by International Education Collage and all the member of student union work so hard to organize it, after all those hard work makes a successful program.

On that program seniors student performed lots of joyful and memories event like singing, dancing , games and some video shows which depicted their memories in WTU. The most important thing was to share their experience in WTU life. How they developed themselves in WTU and how can we developed ourselves. How can we use WTU resources for future life and how to apply for phd. All graduates said they are thankful to international collage because of their enormous support, without their proper support it would not possible to finish their graduation.  

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