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Our WTU motto is “Truth -advocating and Beauty -loving .”We advocate truth in scholarship, research and innovation. Meanwhilez, we encourage our faculty and students to pursue sincere, as well as honesty in morality of human nature.We love beauty of fashion,clothes,art,behavior and spirit.Further more, we practice beauty in the scientific research, talent training, cultural heritage and social service.This is Wuhan Textile University. This is WTU . WTU is consist of 20 colleges that have lots of majors and programmes. You could find what you seek in one or more of our programme in the column of “Study at WTU”.

·College of Textile Science and Engineering 

·College of Material Science and Engineering

·College of Fashion

·Costume and Apparel Designn

·College of Management

·College of Economics

·College of Mechanical Engineering and automation

·College of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

·College of Art and Design

·College of Mathematics and Computer Science

·College of Environment Engineering

·College of Chemistry&Chemical Engineering

·College of Media and Communication

·College of Accounting

·College of Foreign Languages



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