Notice about changing the visa for international students who applying for internship 关于申请实习的留学生须更改签证的通知

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According to the notification of the entry-exit Department of Wuhan Public Security Bureau, all international students who apply for internship are required to change the internship visas. The documents are required to provide including: 1. Reception letter issued by the internship unit to Wuhan Textile University;

2. Application form for internship of international students from Wuhan Textile University (see Annex 1 for details).

Internship, as an important part of teaching and training for foreign students, takes up nearly one year of training for foreign students at the master level. All training collegs should attach great importance to it, strengthen their safety responsibilities and ensure the effect of practice.

The instructors and the Training Institute of Wuhan Textile University are requested to sign a definite opinion on the "Application Form for International Students'Internship" in accordance with the actual situation. Only with the consent of the instructors, the training institute and the international education institute, then the student can go to the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Wuhan Public Security Bureau to change their internship visas.

International Institute of Education

September 17, 2018

Please see the appendix:Wuhan Textile University Internship Application Form 



根据武汉市公安局出入境部门的通知,所有申请实习的留学生须更换实习签证,所须提供的材料包括1.实习单位给武汉纺织大学开具的接收函 2.武汉纺织大学留学生实习申请表(详见附件1)。






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