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第一章总 则

Chapter One General Rules


Article 1 In order to adhere to the correct direction of international students’ cultivation work, ensure the training quality of international students, improve the overall level of international students’ management work and enhance the comprehensive quality of international students, the implementation rules are formulated in accordance with the relevant spirit of the higher authorities and the actual situation of international students management work in the university.


Article 2 The implementation of Sunshine Education Point aims at cultivating positive international students with a good state of mind by strengthening daily behavior management and assessing their ideological and moral qualities. Itis an important part of the comprehensive quality assessment of international students. The result of Sunshine Education Point is fully linked with every evaluation and assessment of students during their study. Failing to reach the standard points will directly affect student’s graduation.

第三条 国际学生阳光教育实行积分管理。由国际学院根据教育要求设计加分项和扣分项。加分、扣分均不设置上限。学生入学初以零分为起点开始积分,毕业前积分截止。

Article 3 International Students Sunshine Education Point uses accumulation points management system. The bonus points and deduction points are designed by the School of International Education according to the educational requirements. There is no upper limit for bonus points and deduction points. At the beginning of school, students beginwith zero point and the pointsaccumulation endsbefore graduation.

第四条 阳光教育积分将充分运用到评定优秀毕业生、省政府奖学金和其他奖学金以及享受学校福利待遇等各个方面。毕业前,阳光教育积分低于90分者,视为未完成国际学生培养方案,不能获得毕业证书。

Article 4 The Sunshine Education Point will be fully applied to every aspect including the evaluation of outstanding graduates, provincial government scholarshipand other scholarships, as well as thewelfare and benefits and so on. Before graduation, those whohaveless than 90 points in Sunshine Education Point are considered to fail in the completion of the training program for international students, thereforecannot obtain degree.

第二章 加分项目

Chapter Two Bonus Points

第五条 获得校级及以上文化、体育等各类评比、竞赛资格者,加10分/人次,以团体形式参加者,加5-10分/人次,具体得分由国际学院研究决定。时间跨度长,训练次数多的活动,具体得分由国际学院研究决定。


一等奖及以上 20分/人次

二等奖 15分/人次

三等奖 12分/人次


Article 5 Those who acquire the qualifications for various evaluations and competitions such as culture, sports and so on at or above the university level shall be given 10 points.Team participants shall be given5-10 points,the specific points shall be determined by the School of International Education.The points given to long-time training activity shall be determined by the School ofInternational Education.

The winners in various evaluations andcompetitions such as culture, sports and so on at or above the university level getthe followingbonuspoints:

First prize and above 20 points

Second prize 15 points

Third prize 12 points

The bonus points for winners of a team are appropriately reduced and specifically decided by the School of International Education. If one project is awarded multiple levels of rewards, the bonus points are awarded for the highest level.

第六条 获得院级文化、体育等各类评比、竞赛资格者,加5分/人次。


一等奖及以上 15分/人次

二等奖 12分/人次

三等奖 10分/人次


Article 6 Those who acquire the qualifications for various evaluations and competitions such as culture, sports and so on at the department level shall be given 5 points.

The winners in various evaluations and competitions such as culture, sports and so on at department level getthe followingbonus points:

First prize and above 15 points

Second prize 12 points

Third prize 10 points

If one project is awarded multiple levels of rewards, the bonus points are awarded for the highest level.

第七条 担任学生会干部一学期以上,工作认真负责,有一定工作成效,根据考核情况可以加分,学生会部门成员加1-10分,学生会部门负责人及以上加5-15分。担任学生干部不满一学期,或工作不负责任,不予加分。领导或参加学生社团,工作突出者,加5-10分。由国际学院每学期组织评定一次。

Article 7 For students who work as a studentassociation cadre for more than one semester and conscientious and responsible in his work as well as achieving certain results, he may add 1-10 pointsas amemberof one department or add 5-15 points as aministerof one department and aboveaccording to the assessment. .Students who hold positions of student cadres for less than one semester or irresponsible in their work will notaddpoints. Students leading or participating in student associations with outstanding achievements will acquire 5-10 points. The evaluation work isorganized by the School of International Education once every semester.

第八条 配合国际学院加强国际学生管理,及时发现并报告或处理安全隐患,成绩突出者,加2-10分。

Article 8 Students who cooperate with the School of International Education to strengthen the management work of international students and promptly discover and report or deal with potential safety hazards willadd2-10 points.

第九条 在学校或国际学院组织的公寓(宿舍及公共区域)卫生检查中,被评为合格者加5分/人次。

Article 9 In thedormitorysanitation inspection(includingroom and publicarea)organized by the School of International Education or the university, the persons who pass the inspection for being qualified will add 5 points.

第十条 参加国际学院组织的其他活动,如迎新、迎接各项检查、大扫除等,加5-10分/人次。

Article 10 Those who participate in other activities organized by the School of International Education, such as new studentsorientation, all kinds of inspections, cleaningactivityand so on will add 5-10 points.


Article 11Students whoattend internshipon internshipvisacanadd 5 points per monthfor being excellentbased on assessment(written materialfrominternship units must be provided),the maximum total points is40 points(winterand summer vacations areexcluded).

第十二条通过HSK 3级,加30分;通过HSK 4级,加40分;通过HSK 5级,加50分。

Article 12HSK 3 PASS will add 30 points. HSK 4 PASS will add 40 points. HSK 5 PASS will add 50 points.

第十 国际学生在其他方面,对提升国际学生群体形象或学校、学院形象有突出贡献者,可由本人提出申请并附证明材料交国际学院审核并认定,加10-20分。

Article 13International students who, in other respects,makeoutstanding contributions to the image of international student groups or the university and departments, may apply by themselves and submit supporting materials to the School of International Education for examination and confirmation, and will add 10-20 points.

第三章 扣分项目

Chapter Three Deduction Points


Article 14A deduction of 10 points shall be made if there are no justifiable reasons for failing to make registration in time, failing topurchaseinsurance in time and failing to handle the relevant formalities in time after entry in China.

第十 国际学生因故不能参加学校规定的集体活动,必须履行请假手续。在学院组织的特别考勤(上课、集体活动)中迟到、早退者扣5分/次,无正当理由缺勤者扣10分/次。

Article 15International students who for some reasons unable to participate in collective activities required by the university must fulfill the formalities for taking leave. In the special attendance inspection (class, collective activities) organized by the School of International Education, those who are late or leave early are deducted 5 points/time, and those who are absent without justifiable reasons are deducted 10points/time.


Article 16Students who employ trickery or cheat in the exam will be deducted 25 points.


Article 17Internship must comply with the relevant regulations of the university and fill in the corresponding forms. Those who violate the rules will be deducted 50 points.


Article 18Students whoserooms fail to pass the safety check shall be deducted 15 points.


Article 19Students using high-powered electrical appliances inroomshall be deducted 10 points.


Article20Students who fail to pass thedormitory (includingroom and publicarea)sanitation check shall be deducted 5-10 points per person.


Article 21Students who lodge others in the dormitoryor do not return dormitoryshall be deducted 20 points.


Article 22Students, whoare allowed to rent anapartmentoffcampus, must return thedormitory of school.Students, who hidethe factof renting or rent offcampuswithout permission,shall be deducted 30 points.


Article 23Students who make loud noisebetween 11:30pm to 6 amin the dormitory shall be deducted 5 points.

第二十 破坏公共财产,扣20分/人次。

Article 24Students whodamagepublic property shall be deducted 20 points.

二十五 缺乏集体荣誉感,受警告或严重警告处分的学生,扣5-10分/次。

Article 25Students who lack a sense of collective honoror receive warning noteshall be deducted 5-10 points.


Article 26Students who make improper statementsoracts in public places or platforms, affect the management of the School and damage the image of international students and the School shall be deducted 5-15 points.

二十七 违犯中华人民共和国法律、法规者,扣50分。

Article 27Students who violate the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China shall be deducted 50 points.

第二十 所有扣分项必须有相关扣分辅助材料,并向被扣分学生通报情况。

Article 28All deducted items must have relevantsupportingmaterials and the students who have been deducted points shall be informed.

第四章 附 则

Chapter FourSupplementary Provisions


Article 29There are two versions of the Rules whichare Chinese and English versions. When there are differences in understanding, it should refer to the Chinese version.


Article30The Rules are interpreted by the School of International Education and will take effect from the date of promulgation.

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