2020 Opening Ceremony Speech by Vice President Huang Yunping

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Dear international students and colleagues:

Hello everyone.

Today, we are here for the opening ceremony of 2020 international students online and offline. First, on behalf of the heroic Wuhan people and twenty thousand wuhan textile university teachers and students, I would like to warmly welcome all of you choose to study in China, in wtu. From today we share a mutual home that is wuhan.

The beautiful city of Wuhan is the largest city in central China. It is the industrial, economic and educational center of the central region. Wuhan has the reputation of “Jiangcheng” because Yangtze River and Han River meet here in the city. There are 98 universities in Wuhan, with more than 1.4 million university students. Wuhan has the largest number of university students in the world. Wuhan is now gradually developing into a center city with functions of economy, technology innovation, trade, logistics, and international exchanges.

Wuhan is a heroic city. Coronavirus pneumonia is the most serious infectious disease pandemic in the past. In this deadly battle with the serious epidemic, the Chinese people have fought unitedly with great courage and respect to science. This has fully demonstrated the Chinese spirit, Chinese strength and Chinese sense of responsibility. The people of Wuhan have made great contributions to the fight against the epidemic in China and even the world by understanding the overall situation, obeying orders and obeying commands! China now has controlled epidemic and Wuhan is one of the safest city in the world. But epidemic is still raging around the world. The Chinese people feel the same pain for the people of all countries. Here, on behalf of the 20 thousand teachers and students in WTU, I hope your country would control epidemic as early as possible. And I hope dear students can come to Wuhan, come to classroom, and jointly write the glory of this heroic city!

Dear all. I would like to tell you the hopes I have for you:

Firstly:we should have the world in our mind and make contributions to the brighter future of the world. In today's world, we are in the transitional period of alternation of old and new orders. Where is the human race going? It has become a profound proposition that all countries in the world must deal with together. To build a community with a shared future for mankind is the answer China gives to the world. China’s concept has won the acceptance from world range. China is constructing the Belt and Road Initiative to share the opportunity of development with each country in the purpose of creating harmony and prosperity.

Youth is the future of the world. I hope students could enhance the concept of shared future for mankind. It’s initial to connect the fate of single person to the development of the world and to the fate of all human beings. Cultivate the world vision and empathy for the others.

Secondly, we should understand Chinese history and culture and be the Chinese story teller. Culture is a unique mark to distinguish a nation, and traditional culture is the root of a nation. The Chinese people has always pursued harmony and peace. These are the roots and souls of chairman Xi Jinping's thought of shared future for mankind.

Understanding is the basis and premise of identity and cooperation. During this year's epidemic, students from various countries of WTU sent nearly 100 small videos to bless China. International students insisted on actively and objectively introducing and praising China's anti epidemic measures and achievements on social media, in their domestic newspapers and magazines, in six on-line interviews with their own TV stations, and in the connection with the president of Pakistan, so as to become the international propagandists of China's anti epidemic.

I hope that the students will grow up as soon as possible and become more rational in the struggle against the epidemic. I especially hope that students can combine learning Chinese history and culture with understanding China's anti epidemic struggle, with understanding China's construction of a community with a shared future for mankind, with understanding the Chinese nation's pursuit of world peace, and with the friendship of Chinese people to the world.

When you study in China, you should know more about China, especially its history and culture. The more you know about Chinese history and culture, the more you can understand the sincere desire of the community of common destiny of mankind, and the more you can understand why the Chinese people have controlled the epidemic in a short period of time.

Thirdly:we should often reflect on our morality so we could have a bright future. There is an old saying in China”Moral character is more important than skills”. You must be honest and be grateful at first. As an international student,you must especially cherish the educational opportunity provided by China. Increase your morality cultivation. Be an optimistic young student and world citizen full of positive energy. This is the prerequisite for a person to become successful on career and walk steady on the path of life.

Fourthly:we should pursue dream bravely so as to shoulder the responsibility of the country. Young people are the generation full of vigour and dreams. We say that what a country will be like depends on what kind of young generation they have.Our country is sparing no effort to realize our Chinese dream. Your country also has your own dreams. There will always be failure and setback on the road of chasing your dreams. I hope all of you here will strengthen your belief. Do not be afraid of twists and pursue your dreams bravely. There was a wise man called Qu Yuan, here I quote: Although the road is endless and faraway, I still want to pursue the truth in the world. Without hard work, any wonderful dreams would only be blank. Our president Xi Jin Ping oncesaid: Youth is for hard work.

Fifthly:we should make more friends so we are all connected to each other. There is an old saying in China: It's great to have friends coming from afar. The culture genes of friendship,openness and inclusiveness are deeply rooted in Chinese people’s blood. We even have the soul mate culture in Wuhan lasted for 2000 years. There is a classic story named ”meeting bosom friend through mountain and water” in a Chinese book with the history of 2400 years. This story is about two people whose hearts and feelings find a perfect echo, they are honest and trustworthy to each other. This story happened just right here in Wuhan which has become the roots of culture of this city. We are expecting that you will set up your friendship and find your friends here in Wuhan.

At last, wish all of you will make a big progress in WTU and have a lovely life here. Wish your country an early victory over the epidemic, and wish your family and friends safe and healthy!

Thank you!

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