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Since China started its policy of Reform and Opening-up, many things have changed. The Chinese people have seen this with their own eyes. To gain a different perspective on China’s change and to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, a video and photography competition has been created in order to better understand China through the eyes of outsiders.

A. Requirements:

1. The submitted photos may only be taken by the participant of the competition.

2. One of the aims of this Contest is to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Please provide photos reflecting changes and achievements within Chinese city or community. Photos of people and scenery that have made a huge impression on you are also accepted.

3. Rules for contributing photos:

· Per participant, a maximum of five photos, that are related or unrelated to each other.

· The size of each photo must be over 3M with JPG format.

· The photos must be accompanied with a title and a description of no more than 200 characters in Chinese.

· The authors name, photos, title and description must be presented on a hard copy like this:

4. Rules for contributing videos:

· Maximum length of video is 5 minutes with AVI or MP4 format.

· Single person and group (no more than 3 persons) making one video are both accepted.

· The title and authors name should be the name of the video.


(1) Participants can edit their pictures using computer software in a minor way. However, it is not allowed to fundamentally alter the picture. For example: you can change the color of a picture, but you are not allowed to take or put new images into the picture

(2) The authors enjoy copyright and the rights of authorship. By participating in this contest, the organizers are granted the right to use the submitted work in exhibitions, for publicity reasons and in publications.

B. Submission and Result Notification

1. Submission: Please submit your photos to Jubayer or Huma before March 5, 2019.

2. Result notification: The award winners list will be disclosed by IEC in March 2019.

C. Awards:

1. One first prize award. It comes with a certificate of honor and prize.

2. Two second prize awards. It comes with a certificate of honor and prize.  

3. Three third prize awards. It comes with certificate of honor and prize.  

4. IEC reserves the right to add or deduct the prize numbers depending on the photo and video quality.

5. Photography and video will be reviewed and given prizes separated from each other.

D. Contact:

 Ms. Alicia (IEC) 027-59367367 (available from 8:00 to I6:30)


Jubayer (sunshine)

School of International Education

International Student Union


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